Love Her Madly


Love Her Madly


Love Her Madly sample is in a size 8, with a 28.5” waist and could fit an A, B, or small C cup. Has padded cups, no stains or tears, just minor signs of wear, which drycleaning could most likely resolve. 60” hollow to hem with the 18” train. The smooth cotton layer of the skirt shows minor pilling when looked at up close, but its unable to see from even a foot away. This sample is really in good shape and ready to ship! Normally retails for $2600, so she is an amazing deal!

Delightfully romantic, this bohemian bride belongs dreaming on a mountaintop, windswept on a beach, or running through a field of flowers… a wild child of love.


  • Full A line cotton dress

  • Gathered hem, scalloped lace and 18" train

  • Fitted lace bodice with spaghetti straps

  • 100% cotton, 100% silk cotton lining

  • Backless, back zip

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photography - John Duenas